John Rentoul (j_rentoul) wrote,
John Rentoul

Boot, foot. Biter, bit

Outrageous, obviously, although no one yet knows the full facts behind Damian Green's arrest yesterday. But joyous too, certainly. To hear the squealing from the Conservative blogs and newspapers about the political use of the police, about how Jacqui Smith (at least) if not Gordon Brown (probably) ordered the arrest of a political opponent.

My favourite quote is from "a senior Tory source" in The Independent, who said the arrest was "Stalinesque" and that "this must have been cleared at the very top of Government". Of course, just as the arrests of Ruth Turner and Lord Levy - and the decision to interview Tony Blair - were.

Now, anyone prepared to reassess the cash-for-honours investigation using the phrases "police out of control" and "constitutional outrage"?

Tags: arrest, conservatives, damian green, ruth turner

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