John Rentoul (j_rentoul) wrote,
John Rentoul

A new dawn, is it not?

The John Rentoul blog, with its Questions to Which the Answer is No and incisive World Cup commentary ("Is that the game with 11-a-side and a round ball?"), is moving to the new-look Independent Blogs.

You can find my blog here, or as part of the Eagle Eye group blog here.

So update your Google Reader, click the RSS feed, do whatever techie stuff you have to do.

Or follow me on Twitter, which will still carry links to my blog posts.

(It turned out, briefly, that the title of this post was number 337 in the very series to which I referred above, as the new Indy Blogs site was overwhelmed by a grateful public and promptly crashed.)

Photograph: Teri Pengilley
Tags: blogging, headline, housekeeping, me me me, twitter

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